Stables are available for a 24 hour period, running from 5pm - 5pm the following day.

All our stables are rubber matted, and are allocated on a “first come first served basis”. Once a booking has been accepted, refunds will not be given. Neither Coxleigh Barton EC, nor any of its representatives or staff shall be held liable for any accident, injury or damage or loss whatsoever howsoever caused to any person animal or property at any time, and additionally accepts no duty of care for your stabled horse or property. Strictly no smoking in or around any buildings or arenas. On arrival park in the main car park and contact Jo or Donna who will direct you to your allocated stable. FAILURE TO LEAVE YOUR ALLOCATED STABLE IN A CLEAN AND EMPTY STATE WILL RESULT IN FUTURE BOOKING BEING REFUSED AND A CLEANING CHARGE OF £20 PER STABLE BEING CHARGED.

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Stables are hired from 5pm until 5pm the following day.
If you have not already been allocated a stable number, please call Jo on 07775880398 for directions on which stable to use.
Overnight parking is available and charged at £10 per night.
All of the stables are rubber matted, and most of them will have a small amount of clean shavings in them already. You may wish to bring extra bedding, but only shavings or wood pellets are permitted. We expect you to leave your stable in a clean and tidy condition when you leave. Failure to do so will result in future bookings being refused and a cleaning charge being charged.